Detroit Motor Show: New E-Class Features 130Mph Semi-Autonomous Cruise


THE NEW Mercedes E-Class will be able to cruise at 130mph while keeping a safe distance from the car in front – and it can even change lanes on its own at 112mph.

In a series of steps that bring full automation closer than ever (whether we like it or not), Mercedes has released details of its Drive Pilot advanced Cruise Control, Speed Limit Pilot automatic speed-adjustment based on road sign recognition, and Active Lane Change.

The latter is activated via the indicators. After they are left active for two seconds, the car automatically steers over to the next lane in the direction indicated before automatically resuming its pre-set cruising speed. No hands or feet required.

Inside the car are two new widescreen displays of 1920x720 pixels, making them chopped-down full-HD format. They merge in the middle and have different viewing modes. Unfortunately, they're set to be optional (and therefore expensive) in conjunction with Comand Online, Mercedes' suite of connected technologies.

The launch of the E-Class has become a stuttering affair with leaked photos, official videos and only parts of the car's specification being released. Full details are still eagerly awaited.

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