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Shocking stats reveal mobile use while driving


AS MANY as 13% of drivers are still using hand-held mobile phones while at the wheel, according to a survey. And 4% have admitted to regularly sending or reading text messages while driving, the poll by road safety charity Brake and insurance company Direct Line showed. The number of people owning up to using hand-held mobiles at the wheel has fallen from 36% in 2006 to the current figure of 13%. But the survey, of 1,000 drivers, also showed that the number of motorists using hands-free mobiles while driving has risen from 22% in 2006 to 38% now. Using hand-held mobiles at the wheel has been illegal for a decade, but Brake is calling for a total ban on mobile phone use by drivers. The survey revealed that 68% agreed that it was dangerous to use any type of mobile phone while driving, but only 3...

Government Urges Passengers To 'Speak Up' To Halt Drink-Drivers


IN A bid to prevent drunk drivers from taking the wheel the Government is encouraging passengers to speak...

Almost 90% of drivers ignoring MOT checks


AN INCREDIBLE 86% of drivers think their car will pass its MoT test first time and without the need for a...

Drivers believe potholes 'are out of control'


MOST DRIVERS (67%) think the pothole problem in the UK is getting out of control and the government and c...

Road Safety Group Asks If Driving Test Is Fit For Purpose


THE Institute Of Advanced Motorists (IAM) is asking the thorny question of whether the standard driving t...

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