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Stolen car returned 46 years later


FORTY-SIX years after the first really nice car Ivan Schneider ever owned disappeared from in front of his New York City building, the Jaguar convertible is coming home. Running a routine check at the Port of Long Beach, California Highway Patrol identified the 1967 Jaguar XKE as stolen. The problem: it was already on a cargo ship, headed for Europe. More than two months later, the car is back in southern California. After a lifetime of owning luxury cars, 82-year-old Schneider said in an interview from his Florida home that he always remembered the Jag as the "prettiest" he had bought. Decades later, it is far from pristine. His plan is to refurbish it for Sunday drives....

Tax disc axe 'will spark avoidance'


NEXT MONTH'S ending of the need to display a car tax disc could lead to tax evasion costing the economy £...

Upgraded digital speed cameras to catch more drivers


SPEED CAMERAS in the capital are to be upgraded, with Londoners being warned to watch their average speed...

A Change Is As Good As A New Car


NEW research amongst British motorists has revealed that despite recent rising inflation and slower wage ...

Towed driver makes daring escape


A FURIOUS DRIVER who refused to let his car be towed away took matters in to his own hands by brazenly re...

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