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First Drive: Lamborghini Huracan


What’s new? This is the super-fast, ultra-exciting Gallardo's even faster and more exciting replacement, so everything from the engine internals to the processes used to manufacture the wheels is different – and better. At its heart is a more powerful V10 engine with 602bhp, and that's rather a lot. Under the skin, a complex new carbon and aluminium 'hybrid' chassis helps keep weight down as well as strength up. It's a serious performance machine with all the muscle you'd ever want. Feed it spinach and you'd probably see its biceps inflate. Looks and image Normally a Lamborghini is just an exercise in appealing to grown men's inner 10-year-old, but there's more to this junior Lambo than a paint shade Jaffa would be proud of. There's an elegance in the single-volume shape that belies its baffli...

First Drive: 2014 Mini Co...


What’s new? If you're getting a faint sense of déjà vu, it’s because the Countryman was only given a few ...

First Drive: 2014 Mini Countryman

First Drive: BMW i8


What’s new?Considering the quantum leap in design and approach to performance motoring, it would be easie...

First Drive: BMW i8

First Drive: Kia Sportage


What’s new?There’s nothing fundamentally wrong with Kia’s mid-size SUV, but the Korean car maker has deci...

First Drive: Kia Sportage

First Drive: Vauxhall VXR...


What’s new? Vauxhall has been selling VXR8s in the UK for some years now and the best bit of news is that...

First Drive: Vauxhall VXR8 GTS

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