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Manual Labour (Seat Leon Cupra 280 DSG Long-Term test: month 4)


IT WAS only fair to choose a Cupra 280 with a DSG gearbox. I've driven plenty of twin-clutch automatics, but only for a day, two days or maybe a week at a time. Living with one is the acid test. It's four months into my six-month stint with it, now. I started off needing to be convinced by the technology, but was beginning to think of myself as a bit of a convert. Around town it's effortless to drive, the shifts are smooth and fast, and with DSG under the floor the fast Leon is an amazingly versatile and satisfying everyday car. I was happy. But then, like it does 10 minutes into a Hollywood action blockbuster, everything went pear-shaped. A big red warning message on the info screen between the speedometer and rev counter told me to cease and desist immediately, lest the gearbox explode or the...

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First Drive: Ford Mondeo


What’s new? Despite the looks, this is an all-new Ford Mondeo. It concentrates on comfort more than befor...

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