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Drivers losing patience over road maintenance


DRIVERS think road drainage is as bad this winter as in last year's storm-hit conditions, according to an AA survey. And sympathy with the difficulty of councils in dealing with the roads has fallen sharply compared with last winter, the poll of 18,806 AA members showed. The findings came as the Government was expected to report on the condition of England's roads. Covering all UK roads, the AA survey found that in January as many as 50% of drivers said that where they live, heavy rain left roads pockmarked with pools of water that created a driving menace. This compared with a figure of 51% at the same time last year. But while in January 2014 , 68% accepted that "puddles and pools of water on the road are much worse than they used to be but that's to be expected given the extreme weather", th...

Geneva Motor Show: Wild New Lamborghini Revealed


SUPERCAR maker Lamborghini can never be accused of being subtle, and its latest Aventador easily lives up...

Geneva Motor Show: New Superb Promises More Of The Same From Skoda


EVERY cost conscious buyer’s favourite brand, Skoda, has used the Geneva Motor Show to unveil its latest ...

Oil rise takes petrol price up to 110p


THE PRICE of petrol at the pumps has risen above the 110p-a-litre mark, according to the AA. The average ...

Convicted drivers could wear 'stickers' to warn of past offences


DRIVERS who have been convicted of motoring offences should be made to put stickers on their cars so othe...

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