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Road Accidents Drop By A Third


NEW figures released show that the number of road accidents has fallen by a third in the last 10 years, but accidents in the busiest areas of Britain - London and south-east England - have risen slightly according to a report from Post Office Car Insurance.

Overall, the number of road accidents reported by police fell from just over 229,000 in 2001 to 151,474 in 2011.

The biggest decrease was in north-west England where the number fell 44%, while the West Midlands saw a decrease of 40%. But the number of accidents in London rose 1.3% between 2001 and 2011, while the number increased 2.3% in south-east England.

The figures also showed that London and south-east England accounted for 32% of all accidents reported to police in 2011. Wales accounted for just 4% of all accidents last year, the same percentage as north-east England.

By road type, the number of accidents on motorways fell 36% - from 9,128 in 2001 to 5,819 in 2011. There were also sharp drops in the number of accidents on all A-roads (down 34%) and on minor roads (also down 34%).

Commenting on the figures, Post Office Car Insurance head Paul Havenhand said: "It's good to see the number of road accidents decreasing. However, this doesn't mean drivers should become complacent on road safety.

"Measures to improve road surfaces, visibility on roads, car safety devices and performance have clearly had an impact, but drivers must take the necessary precautions at all times to ensure they are driving safely, especially in adverse weather conditions and on unfamiliar or more dangerous roads around the country."

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