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Commuters drive 7,000 miles per year


THE AVERAGE annual mileage of car driving commuters is the equivalent of travelling to New York and back, according to a survey.

The daily commute by road for Britons adds up to an average annual total of 7,130 miles, the poll by Allianz Your Cover found.

Only 15% of drivers enjoy their commute and 70% are miserable about the state of the UK's roads and congestion. Almost a fifth of drivers (19%) long for better driving from their fellow commuters.

Around a third of car commuters said they arrived at work frazzled, while 43% said cheaper fuel would improve their feelings about their daily journeys.

As many as 20% said a better job and nicer work colleagues would improve their commute, while around 10% said they would have a better start to the day if they had a travelling companion.

Northampton was seen as the best place to travel to and from work, with 75% of people in this area enjoying their daily journeys.

The next-best commuting destinations were Newcastle upon Tyne, Worcester, Norwich and Cardiff.

In contrast, Coventry was considered the worst place for commuters, followed by Gloucester, Sheffield, Portsmouth and Liverpool.

Northampton was also home to the calmest commuters, while Belfast had the angriest.

Jon Lott, of Allianz Your Cover Insurance, said: "People are spending nearly an hour a day commuting and a third (32%) are frazzled before even arriving at work, feeling rushed, stressed and anxious from their morning journey, which is isn't a good way to start the working day."

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